Anyone Interested In Starting A Roleplay With Me?

My preferred Fandoms/Universes are: 

  • Game Of Thrones / Medieval Fantasy
  • Percy Jackson [ Anything Greek/Olympian Related ]
  • Hush Hush [ Anything Angel/Fallen/Demons Related ] 
  • Vampire Academy
  • Harry Potter
  • Medical/Hospitals 
  • The Tomorrow People
  • Original Plots

With fandoms, note that I am usually not into including canon characters in the RP. Also I don’t do the Gradient/Monochrome themed groups. I’m looking to start a serious, literate, para group!

Anonymous: Can you find any OC roleplays that allow YouTube faceclaims? I'm trying to reuse an OC.

There are none that I know of off the top of my head because I generally don’t track OC groups, and that’s a pretty wide search criteria. But you can look at these tags: 

One thing I would advice you is considering a different FC for your character so that way you don’t have to disregard groups you might love, just because they don’t allow Youtubers as FCs.

Anonymous: Thank you anyway, I appreciate you answering even though you didn't know! That was nice of you! Oh--and yeah, it's a case of the tags being empty, not broken links. (Although I think it's very annoying when people change their urls; don't they care that it makes their resources impossible to find? Sigh!)

No problem at all! And I couldn’t agree more. 

Anonymous: Do you know any good Peter Pan type roleplays who are open?

Here are some that I was able to find, hopefully they match what you’re looking for.

Additionally, you can track these tags:

Anonymous: Do you know, did a whole bunch of rph/gif-hunt blogs just delete or something? I'm making a new rp right now, and I was including links to gif-hunts on character bio pages, and when I was choosing characters a few days ago I SWEAR there were more for these people, and now the tags are almost empty! What happened, do you know?

I honestly have no idea if there have been RPHs leaving the community as I really don’t have much interaction with other RPHs. If you mean the links you posted are no longer opening to the blogs it’s possible they changed their URL. I find this to be a big problem in the community. People randomly changing their URLs and others not being able to locate their work. I find it counterproductive. But gif hunts should still be showing up under their new URL in the tags. If they aren’t than yes they deleted their blogs. The reason, I don’t know. I’m sorry for not being much help there.



  • First and foremost, I am not very familiar with the Monochrome/Gradient theme RPs, I hardly ever look at them. So really I can only judge the way I judge other RPs. If there are different norms for them, I am not familiar with them.
  • I really like the main color you’ve chosen for your page, the monochrome coloring though works against you. A non-monochrome color scheme with the purple being the central color would work a lot better. And make the text much easier to read.
  • Personally I would really suggest trying a different theme, one with a few other themes, and a larger section for the description. There are a lot of RPHs (myself included) that offer theme makeovers.


  • First thing I’d like to suggest, in the second heading in your plot change “You, however will find a tale of betrayal and vengeance.” to “However, you will find a tale of betrayal and vengeance.”
  • I have no other qualms with the plot, I just hope that the RP does not end up revolving solely around the characters mentioned in the plot.


  • I was completely blown away by your bios! They are amazing, and show all the hard work that much have gone into them! The bio format is different from what I’m used to but interesting. I really feel like the presentation of the page takes away from the potential your group has of gaining literate, serious players.
  • A suggestion I have is in the introduction, for closed characters, change it from “Sadly for you he’s CLOSED.” to “Unfortunately for you he’s CLOSED.”


  • I will say the same thing about the graphics as I’ve said for the theme. The monochrome/FC revolving graphics work against you.

Overall, I think your RP has so much potential, I’d hate to see it squandered by the the perception most people have of the gradient themed groups.

15 Henry Cavill Icons → Requested by Anonymous

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The Mavericks RPG, an active bio roleplay with three new roles on the horizon. Their plot focuses on a group of misfit teenagers who recently lost one of their own, and are now trying to rebuild their lives and their friendships. Checkout this character driven group which has been active for five mouths now, and has dedicated members and appreciation for good roleplaying.

Anonymous Asked → Do you have any advice on what to do if your character’s faceclaim doesn’t have any kissing gifs?

My personal preference when playing out kissing scenes is simply to write them out! Basing them entirely on gifs (especially without any text) seems unrealistic to me. Gifs have a way of intensifying the situation, they also often take away from the relevancy of it. What if the two characters are kissing after some immense tragedy? For example imagine Rose and Jack sharing their last kiss as the Titanic sunk. I say avoid the bump and grind that is the majority of kissing gifs. It is very hard to find the right gif to portray that very moment, because every kiss is different — Whether it’s one of your characters FCs gifs or not.

That being said, if you character’s FC does not have any kissing gifs →

  • You can utilize faceless kissing gif hunts. [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • Also here are some great resources on writing kissing scenes. [x] [x] [x]
Anonymous: how do you write a bulletins for your chara?

I apologize, but I am not sure what you’re asking. If anyone knows, please reply!